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How can you gain an unfair advantage over anyone trying to win the Thai lottery?


So how do you play the Thailand Lottery? You must know the rules if you want to play properly. Believing in luck is no crime but when you look at the mathematical odds of winning the Thai lottery it seems to be.  There is literally no skill involved in picking certain numbers to win the lottery and to date there isn’t any tool or system that you can use to win a lottery. So how can you create a sustainable income from playing lottery?

The real way that you can win the lottery is to not play.  The odds will always be against you in this game because there are millions of people that are playing and you are just another one that want’s to buy a ticket to riches.  Even though the Thai lottery has some of the best odds out there, it’s not recommended that you play this silly game.

If you really want to make some serious money while gambling, I would suggest playing different games that you can actually win.  The odds of playing a casino game like roulette or blackjack are much higher than buying a ticket with numbers on it along with millions of others.

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