How to play Thailand Lottery

The Thailand National Lottery is the only form of legal gambling that most people in Thailand have access to. This began in 1974. The typical drawing days are on the 1st and 16th of each month. People in Thailand are absolutely obsessed by this lottery as it’s one of the only legal ways to gamble in Thailand. Here are the full details on how you can play the lottery.

Buying Thai Lottery

thai-lottery-vendorsIn Thailand lottery tickets are preprinted. This means you can’t actually pick your own numbers unless you get lucky and find a vendor that has them.  Even then your odds of winning are still 1 million to 1.

The official cost per ticket is 40 baht. However, these are sold in identical packs of two so it is only possible to buy two tickets at 80 baht (which are an exact match of each other). As of 2015 it’s now illegal to sell tickets for over 80 bhat for two.

Thai Lotto Tickets Breakdown

thai-lottery-ticketTake a look at the image to the right to see what the Thailand Lottery tickets look like. All that matters for the draw are the 6 numbers on the top right.

So why are there two additional double- digit numbers on the ticket?

There used to be 2 additional numbers that you could win a larger jackpot with if you matched them.

For certain batches the top prizes are:

  • 3 million baht for all correct
  • 20 million baht for all correct + 2 digit bonus (0-99) number correct.

For the other batches the top prizes are:

    • 2 million baht for all correct
    • 30 million baht for all correct + 2 digit bonus (0-99) number correct.


The same six digit number (0-9 per slot) applies to both main draws. If you get the exact match, next look at the back of your ticket to see if the prize is 2 million or 3 million. From here there is an extra number (multiplier) drawn separate (0-99) for each. If you have the 2 million paying ticket – and the two digit number drawn for it matches, you get 30 million on that ticket. Because you hold two tickets you will get the 30 million + 2 million. The same for the ticket that pays 3 million: if you match the extra number you will get 20 million more for that portion of your ticket.

No matter which type of ticket you hold if you are one number off in either direction (for example if 223454 is the draw then 223453 and 223455 are 1 number off) you win a consolation prize of 50,000 baht. As you have two identical tickets you actually win 100,000 baht.

The remaining draws use only the six-digit numbers and prizes are as follow:

      • Second Prize = 100,000 Baht per ticket: 5 new six digit numbers are drawn for this and if your six digit number matches any of them you win.
      • Third Prize = 40,000 Baht per ticket: the same as above but here 10 new six digit numbers are drawn.
      • Fourth Prize = 20,000 Baht per ticket: the same with 50 new six digit numbers drawn.
      • Fifth Prize = 10,000 Baht per ticket: the same with 100 new six digit numbers drawn.
      • Last 3 = 2,000 Baht per ticket: Four sets of three numbers are drawn. If the last three digits of you six digit number match any of these four you win this prize.
      • Last 2 = 1,000 Baht per: A separate two digit number is drawn and if your last two is a match you win this prize.

Important Note: for reason that you have two identical tickets for every draw the prizes above are always doubled.The only one that is not is the main 20 million and 30 million jackpots.

Where To Find Thai Lottery Results

The lottery is drawn on the 1st and 16th of each month.  You can find the results in real time on TV or you can visit our page thailand Lottery results to check the latest winners.  You can also check the government website here

How To Claim Your Winnings

Winning tickets can be redeemed for their prize at any Provincial Office of the Comptroller General’s Department (CGD). There is one of these in every province (3 in Bangkok). The tax is 0.5% of winnings. It is possible to redeem at shops though the fee is higher, about 2% is a typical price to negotiate to.

Illegal Lottery in Thailand

The Illegal lottery is just as popular as the legal one in many communities due to the higher payout.  Here is the potential for winning;

      • Last Two Exact – for every 12 baht wagered the winnings are 1,000 baht.
      • Last Three Exact – for every 1 baht wager the winnings are 500 baht.
      • Last Three Any Order – for every 1 baht wagered the winnings are 90 baht

Playing the illegal lottery can land you in a Thai prison.  That is not where you want to be according to this wiki article.  For the first 3 month of your sentence you must be in leg irons.  If you don’t fancy getting caught don’t play the game.

What’s the best way to win?

The odds of the Thailand Lottery are 1 million to 1 and mathematically there really isn’t any way that you can improve your odds short of buying more tickets.  No amount of luck or prayer will increase your odds of winning.  If you are sick of losing and looking for a way to create a sustainable income check out our winners club by clicking below.